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I was assigned to an extraordinary woman who had a terminal illness. Pamela was a portrait artist and had travelled the depths of herself. We spent many days walking in nature, painting together and visiting churches and cathedrals. We had our favourite café Mezze Bar and Café, Durham St, Auckland City. The staff knew us well; hours were spent talking, laughing, sketching on odd bits of paper. Then maybe we would go to Cathedral of St Patrick and St Joseph and light a candle, pray and just sit. Our connection was incredibly deep and mysterious.

Yes, I seek the Mystery.”

As the time drew closer our conversations changed, they relinquished deeper wisdom and love. I felt myself crossing a bridge with her and coming back; this occurred several times until the time came to let Pamela go from this life. Autumn leaves were falling when Pamela took her last breath. I would like to share a text she sent me just prior to her last breath. “You are an angel you are love through all eternity”.

I have so much gratitude for the time we spent and the love I experienced.

“Freedom is letting go of the last moment.”