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About End of Life Doula NZ

Carol Wales, Auckland

Carol Wales, who prefers to describe herself as a companion to the dying, has supported a number of people in their final weeks of life through her work as a volunteer at Auckland’s Amitabha Buddhist Hospice. Her role can be varied. She will visit the person in their home, take them out if they’re feeling up to it and offer massage and aromatherapy. “Some people want to talk about their lives and what it means to them. That it does mean something. There might be issues with family members, siblings arguing about money, possessions. It can be very difficult for the person who’s dying to be in their process because it is a process. Families can be protective, they can be in denial. One of the skills, I believe, is navigating all of that. Being on the periphery when you need to be, and being close to the person when you need to be. It’s like a dance.”

To be a catalyst for changing the end of life experience into being fearless and to have meaning for all.

  • Provide context for important conversations to take place
  • Create a safe place for people to be real – a warm, non judgemental heart centred space
  • Guide people to discover the power to reap the gifts of this very special time.

I am let into a brief but intimate moment of a persons world as they straddle the here and the there.
I become acutely aware of the fragility of life, but also the strength, purpose and the mystery of the spirit that the body carries.
These relations formed are beyond words, compelling.

Video interview: End of Life Companion, Carol Wales interviewed for The New Zealand Herald

‘CLICK’ the image to watch Carol Wales interviewed by Lee Umber for The New Zealand Herald.

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